Hey guys!

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Jada, and I’m a young adult who’s blogging as a release and distraction from my busy study life.

I’m interested in a whole range of subjects, including photography, geography (human and physical), anatomy, psychology, science (any), literature, history, and the list goes on.

For a while I blogged on the site Words In My Hair as a book reviewer and although I enjoyed that and still read fanatically on a regular basis, I’m becoming more aware of my physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual journey. And this is me sharing it with you.

P.S If you’re wondering about the title: my middle name is Tai (said ‘Tie’ or ‘Thai’, means ‘peace’), and well, you know, green is a pretty cool colour that refers to environmental sustainability and health…

1551723_10203276825465604_687900144_n 552222_125885737560054_1149471871_n


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