Smoothie sorbet recipe…

Just a quick one today. I was in a rush and in desperate need of something to pump me up and give me a burst of energy, so what did I make?

A blueberry and banana….thing! It’s kinda like a really really thick smoothie (you could add some liquid to it and make it a smoothie if you wanted to). It was fresh, filling and cheap!

All I needed was:

a banana

a handful of blueberries and

a couple of ice cubes!


To make it, I just blended all  of that up and scooped it straight into a bowl!

Of course you could do this with any flavours you want, but I like to use the banana as a base for any other flavour combo’s.

I’ve also tried adding leafy greens (spinach, rocket etc.), different kinds of berries, mango, or just plain banana!

Tastes AMAZING, so you’d better give it a try!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



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