My thoughts on diets…

The word diet always seems to have an invisible asterisk next to it.

A young teenage girl saying she is ‘going on a diet’ often makes you assume she wants a thigh gap, a slim stomach, and skinny arms. Yet the dictionary definition of a diet is: the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

A diet isn’t a technique to get skinny. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a belief.

Many young girls (and surprisingly, boys) restrict their diet to the point of malnourishment. Malnourishment is an issue in third world countries and is now arising in wealthy first world countries!

Restricting your diet makes you feel unsatisfied, unhappy. Everybody loves food and by limiting what your eating, you are limiting your potential to be happy.

However, I do accept and support ‘diets’ such as vegetarianism and veganism. People who are vegetarian, and vegan don’t restrict their diet but instead uphold their morals by living a different lifestyle. By not eating meat because you support animal rights, and want to support the environment, you are standing for what you believe is right, and I will always admire people who do this. Vegetarians and vegans do not uphold their diets because they want thigh gaps, they do it because they believe it’s healthier for their body, and for most people, this is a valuable decision.

So please think about why you are upholding a diet before you start one. Don’t restrict yourself. Nourish yourself.




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