6 tips for going to the gym…

The gym. It has an electric atmosphere filled with sweating bodies, dumbbells, and treadmills. It motivates you to get moving, it motivates you to be the strongest you can be. But there are certain things a newbie (or even a seasoned gym-mer) need to know before they jump in with both feet.

Please don’t take my advice as being professional as I am practically newbie myself to the gym world but this advice comes from the experiences I have had.

Here are my top six things to be aware of:

  • Eat something high in sugar before you go. Now when I say sugary I think it’s obvious that I don’t mean anything artificial. A banana. A handful of berries. Something that will kickstart your body and give you that extra energy that you’ll need.


  • Before walking into the gym, have an exercise plan that you will stick to for your workout. Sometimes when I just go to the gym for the sake of it and don’t have a routine, I don’t challenge myself. I don’t walk out of the gym with a red face and jelly legs! (I’ll be posting some workout plans soon!)


  • Of course, stretch before you start doing any vigorous exercise.  Stretching prevents injury and preventing injuries leads to a happier, healthier you. Even if I’m just going to a spin class (only using my legs) I like to stretch my whole body because it relaxes and warms me.


  • While you’re working out, have a drink bottle at hand. Now when you’re working out, you don’t want to do any guzzling but taking small sips will wet your mouth and make up for all that sweat loss. After your work out make sure you’re drinking a lot though. Water post-workout is essential to clean out your system of toxins.


  • Wear gym clothes that you feel confident in. Often, if you are working out in clothes you feel insecure in, you won’t perform at your best because your self conscious of others. Wear comfy clothes that you feel confident in and you’ll want to work hard. I suggest clothing brands like lululemon and Lorna Jane because although they are on the pricier side, they are good quality, comfortable clothes that you’ll enjoy going to the gym in.


  • Take a towel with you to the gym.  Now although this is a required item to bring to most gyms I find it important to be able to mop up sweat quickly. When I’m working out, I sweat around the face and neck a lot. To protect my skin and prevent post-workout smells, I like to constantly dry myself. If I don’t do this, I often find that my face starts to sting and feel irritated.



The gym is fun! The gym is full of opportunities! Don’t be afraid to try new classes that you’ve never heard of before. Or, try and beat a fitness goal! You can do it!

Comment below with any gym, exercise, or pre and post workout experiences and tips you have, I’d love to hear them!



3 thoughts on “6 tips for going to the gym…

  1. In addition to having a plan (the what), I would add, have a goal (the why). Even if that goal is to beat your average wattage for a 45min spin class. Or perhaps to achieve a maximum number of push ups etc. Something to shoot for that is a challenge that you will feel good about.


    • I absolutely agree! Having a goal gives you something to work towards and this motivates you! And once you acheive your goal you are overcome with self worth and belief!


  2. Some good advice here.
    Simple sugars will give you the kick-start you are looking for, but might not give you the means to last the whole session. Think of eating foods that will sustain you.

    Having a plan, and a strategy is essential. It provides structure, focus and something to compare improvements against.
    Good job!

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