Recovering from winter flu…

It’s been a long week. I caught the typical, yet endlessly frustrating cold that comes with winter. ūüė¶

But I’m back with advice and motivation for those of you who had or are having a similar experience!

First thing to do when you think you’ve been caught by the dreaded flu is:

EAT foods that are nutritious!

I know, it’s tempting to scoff junk food and feel sorry for yourself, but by eating foods such as

  • yoghurt
  • oranges (or even better¬†kiwi fruits)
  • winter spices such as cinnamon
  • fish
  • leafy greens

you’ll feel much better much quicker!

It’s also¬†extremely¬† important to drink a tonne (not literally!) of water and tea to detoxify the digestive system and strengthen the immune system by flushing out all of those toxins making you sick! Other really awesome¬†and¬†tasty beverages include fresh juices (carrot, orange, lemon, lime, beetroot, celery, kale, apple…). Just this morning I juiced about 30 carrots and a couple of oranges ¬†and poured it all into a jug for the family to drink throughout the day. Yum!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My next step is to KEEP ACTIVE

All you need to do is a 20 minute brisk paced walk a day.

I’m not gonna lie, you won’t find it easy to get out the door. But by moving around and getting the heart rate up, you’re increasing the blood flow around the body and encouraging fresh air to clear out your lungs. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and taking long deep breaths through your nose and then out your mouth.

My last and final step is to MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE

I’ve often heard it being said that your attitude reflects your insides and by manifesting a positive one, you are preventing yourself from feeling worse and being less productive.

Sometimes it’s hard to be pleasant when your not feeling 100% but exercises and routines such as

  • meditating
  • reminding yourself throughout the day to smile (even if for no reason)
  • laughing
  • pausing for a moment and taking long deep breaths

will make your day just that little bit easier.

So don’t get frustrated. Don’t resort to medication. You’re body is going through a natural process that requires you to nourish it and look after it just a little bit more.




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