How to make coconut butter…

I love coconut. It’s fantastic. But recently its gotten to the point where I’ve stopped buying some coconut products because they’re priced outrageously!

Thankfully, I found a fantastic recipe via here, to show you how to make your own COCONUT BUTTER! Mmmhmmm!

And it’s so simple!

All you need to do to make this is:

Organic, dehydrated coconut flakes!

photo 1-1

To transform such a simple ingredient into a delicious butter, blend the flakes (I used 400g) in a food processor until it turns runny and smooth (this took my processor about 9 minutes but it depends on your processor).

photo 2-1


photo 1-2

NOTE: For 400g of flakes, it made approximately 375ml of coconut butter.

Pour the liquid into a jar and store it in either the fridge or pantry (depending on your plans for it) until it sets.

photo 2-2

Are you wondering what you could do with this wonderful ingredient?

  • Add it to smoothies
  • Stir it into coffee
  • Spread it on toast
  • Use as a frosting
  • Add to protein/bliss balls
  • Add to cakes or muffins
  • Use as a face mask (not too much though)
  • Or as an all-round moisturiser!

But be careful! It’s addictive!



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