Muscle Therapy…

For a large period of my life I had tight shoulders, legs,and arms from exercising but not doing any after-workout therapy.

Recently I’ve been making the effort to sort this out and the most successful self-therapy routine involves a softball and a rolling pin.


By using your body weight and these hard objects you can break up and soften any tough ‘cable’ of muscle.

My main techniques include:

  • Shoulders and Back: Wall + softball – by placing the ball on the wall and pushing your back and shoulders  on it and pushing hard you can, using your legs, roll the ball hard up and down your back. This softens and relaxes the major muscle groups up and down your spine.


  • Legs: Rolling pin and/or softball – by using the rolling pin like you would to roll out dough,massage the large muscles above your knee, and your calves using your body weight to roll up and down the leg.


  • Arms: Fingers – this may be at first uncomfortable but using your fingers and knuckles, play around with squeezing and prodding the muscles up and down your arms. Use lots of pressure and rub in circular motions to encourage blood flow.

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, let me know and I can answer any questions in the comment box!

Listen to your body. It knows what it needs.



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