How to be a lifelong learner…

Our existence on Earth is short. Our happiness is constantly being tested.

Do you wanna know what the secret to living life to the fullest whilst being happy is?


The common mindset once you leave school is to forget education and focus on tackling the big bad world. This leads to existential questions, and that profound feeling of “…what do I do with myself now?”

Life long learning is a lifestyle. An attitude. It makes life INTERESTING. It also increases your brain capacity, provides more opportunities in the work place, increases communication skills , and of course, makes you sound (because you are) really smart.

Now I’m sure the big question is: how do I become one of these ‘lifelong learners’?

I’m currently still at school and am trying to foster the good habits of a lifelong learner. What I’ve found is most significant is to constantly be open minded and curious.

Being curious (curiosita) was one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s seven principles. And by constantly asking the why and how questions, the life long learning mindset develops.

You don’t need a classroom, a teacher, or a course to be curious. Look what you’re on right now! The internet! An infinite source of education!


So ask questions! Be curiosita!


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