I’m gonna start running again…

I’ve always found running a challenge. Unfortunately, the natural running talent skipped me and went straight to my two siblings. 😦

However, last year I trained hard (for me) to complete a short (really short) triathlon with my dad, and it was such a great feeling to be able to complete it. It was no easy feat and I was too lazy to keep going with it after the triathlon, but I have officially decided to start training for the up-and-coming City to Surf…a 14km event.

I’m gonna struggle, but that’s okay. I’m willing to give it a roaring go.

My picture from lasts years triathlon is my inspiration:


What’s your running challenge? Inspire me!!



3 thoughts on “I’m gonna start running again…

  1. Fantastic work on the triathlon. It is hard to get back at it after completing a big goal. Last December I completed my first marathon at age 52. I am not a ‘runner’ either. It took me 18 months of training and it took well over five hours to complete. Now you go girl!

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